Know, without a doubt, that your data is safe

Offsite Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Data Protection Services

When it comes to backing up and protecting your company’s critical data, you need to know for certain – without any lingering doubts – that you could recover your files and be back up and running again fast after a natural disaster, server crash, malware infections, hacker attack or other data destruction event.

3 essential parts to protecting your business

Secure, Encrypted Offsite Back Up

You need to be sure that your files are secure and offsite, and taking a backup home on an external disk is not the way to solve this problem. Our offsite backup solution protects your data and ensures your data is easily recoverable should you need to recover a file.

A Data and Disaster Recovery Plan

It is a mistake to think that data backup is the same as disaster recovery. Just having a copy of your data isn’t enough, you need a plan in place to get everything restored quickly. Having a plan that includes how to restore full systems, applications, and data and understanding the criticality of each is crucial. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you figure out how to restore.

Someone Needs to be Responsible

Assuming that the backups are complete or the restore plans are adequate are never enough. Who in your business thinks about protecting your data every day. Direct Tec’s clients know that is what we are doing.

Back Up Checklist

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