over 100 years experience & expertise

Leadership Team

Our Goals & Values

Direct Tec is focused on delivering a world class client experience and helping business understand how the ever-changing technology landscape can help them grow their business.

Small and mid-market enterprises do not have the resources to design, implement and operate the technologies their business needs and that is what Direct Tec has done since 2006. We are experts in understanding how technology impacts a business and are always looking for new solutions, and new technologies to help our clients solve their business problems and bring them into the future.  Our job is to help you understand where opportunities exist.

We are passionate about helping companies improve their operations and opportunities through new technologies and at the same time ensuring they have reliable, stable and secure networks.

Nurture Successful Relationships

We believe that our clients, team members and partners deserve the best from us. We focus on building long-term relationships.
Own It
There is no such thing as that isn’t my problem.  We always make sure the job gets done.
One Direct Tec
We are a team and the sum of our capabilities and knowledge, together we can solve anything.
Consistent Execution
We do what we say we are going todo, every time.  The key to a reliable and scalable business is to ensure people know what to expect.
Pursue Simplicity

Simple things are not always easy, but we always look to take complexities out of everything we do.


Stacy Adams

Stacy has an immense passion for technology and what it can do for a business. He is dedicated to creating amazing customer experiences and brings an incredible energy to Direct Tec that helps drive your organization forward.

Vice president

Brent Goheen

Brent has worked in a number of Sales and Management roles in the IT Industry over the past 30 years. Prior to joining Direct Tec, Brent worked at Microsoft for a decade as the Client Manager for the Energy Industry segment in Alberta.

Service delivery manager

Bruce Duggan

Bruce has over 23 years of experience in the IT industry. He is MCSE, MCITP and ITIL certified which means he knows a lot about Microsoft programs, managing IT services and helping you perfectly align your business and IT needs.