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cyber Security Services

Advanced threat intelligence

Next Generation Cyber Security for Small and Midsize Enterprises

Next generation cyber security for small and midsize enterprises to address the growing and evolving threat landscape. We help companies navigate the challenges of cyber security on premise and in the cloud.

"Passwords are like underwear: make them personal, make them exotic, and change them on a regular basis.”
A team of certified cyber security analysts
defined incident response plan

24/7 Detection

We can work with your IT team or provide incident response as part of our services

advanced dashboard analytics

Understand your network

Advanced dashboard that provides a clear picture of what is happening

Advanced Reporting for all levels of management, ownership and boards

Identify and Understand Trends

Log Analysis

improved security posture

Understand your risks

Build a roadmap to continuously improve your security posture

Easily understand what risks you want to address and which you are willing to live with - No more guessing