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Cloud services

Cloud Computing levels the playing field. All businesses, regardless of size or industry have access to technology that if they had to build and maintain themselves would often be out of reach. The right set of cloud solutions with the right integration enable you to improve productivity and go faster while eliminating the need for expensive IT infrastructure.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft enables businesses to access services and applications that keep their teams productive. Direct Tec will work with you to identify the right Office 365 solution and ensure you experience a simple and easy migration to the Cloud.

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Desktop as a Service

Simplified access to your applications and data via any internet connected device. This solution helps your team stay focused on delivering results for your business and enables your teams to work from anywhere at any time. They will have secure access to all the same applications and data whether they are in the office, on a client site, at the coffee shop, on the road or at home.

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Cloud computing
is this you?
The size of my organization fluctuates
I need to protect and recover my data quickly
I want to recognize IT as an operating expense
I share and edit documents with colleagues
I want to be able to work from anywhere
I want access to enterprise-level technology
I don't want to worry about software updates
I want best-in-class cyber protection services
cloud computing
disaster recovery
automatic software updates
capital-expenditure free
increased collaboration
work from anywhere
document control
increased security
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