Why Direct Tec - We love helping people achieve results!

When you partner with Direct Tec you’re partnering with a company who knows how important it is that your people are focused and productive. We keep your systems running, help you achieve more uptime allowing you to enjoy greater productivity. We take technology concerns off the table ensuring you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. We look after all thing technology-related, so you gain peace of mind, and by creating a business aligned IT strategy we help ensure you avoid costly and unforeseen IT expenses. For a flat-rate fee our team of experts will help you get a real return on your IT investment.

When your people run into IT roadblocks it simply costs too much

A recent study stated that when people are productive, they are happy. Direct Tec ’s team of technology experts are focused on ensuring technology is not a getting in the way of your team’s ability to deliver value to your business. We believe that IT should be invisible, with the norm being computers that are up and running all the time. You wouldn’t accept having to contact the phone company to make a phone call, so why should your computers and network be any different?

Communication is fundamental

The foundation of a successful business partnership is a commitment to clear communication. No matter if you are requesting help with a computer problem, or looking for guidance in adopting a new technology we will be in constant contact with you. You will never have to wonder what is going on.

We accept responsibility for all things IT

We will never tell you that is not our responsibility. When you request help from Direct Tec we will dig in and make sure the job gets done. If necessary we will call your internet provider or your print service company or any other IT related vendor on your behalf and we will own the problem from start to finish.

Execution is key

Our client success team will be responsible for keeping initiatives moving forward and for keeping your IT spend on budget. By developing a meeting rhythm that makes sense for you we keep track of and update ongoing activities, projects and initiatives and ensure that you are getting the support you need. You no longer need to be in charge of chasing down IT to get an update or push to make things happen.

A team of experts

Technology is complex and constantly changing. No one individual can gain all the knowledge and expertise it takes to deliver comprehensive technology support that your businesses need. Direct Tec has experience and knowledge with a broad range of technologies, industry applications and business challenges so we can solve immediate issues today and plan for tomorrow.

Process and Best Practices

Too often temporary fixes that end up having long term work around never actually solving the problem. Our experience shows that when you follow well defined process and best practices, IT becomes predictable and system work better. Our service delivery approach is built on sound practices that ensure the root cause of the problem is resolved and that fixing one thing doesn’t break something else.

Ultimately we take responsibility to ensure your businesses technology is running smoothly, increasing productivity and giving you the results you expected and deserve!

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